May 1 2018 BOWLING !


May 1 2018 BOWLING !

Hair: Maple by Wasabi Pills.
Headband: Kyary inspired – Headbow by LeMomo.
Outfit: Kyary by LeMomo.
Shoes: Keds white by The Spunky Monkey.
Holding: Sleepy sheepy – sheep plushy 2 (gacha) by Nani for .
Hair: Hibiki by Wasabi Pills for GO.
Outfit: Turtleneck & Gem bra & Ripped front jeans by Villena for Kustom9.
Shoes: Harper wedges by EQUAL for GO.
Glasses: Blair – Sunglasses by Dahlia for GO.
Holding: Sleepy sheepy – Heart lollipop (gacha) by Nani for .


Chairs: Strike (bench with table) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Table: Strike (table) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Food on right table: Strike (snack) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Menu on right table: Strike (table menu) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Chocolate box & Phone on left table: Sleepy sheepy – phone and chocolates (gacha) by Nani for .
Strike (candies dispenser) VIP REWARD by Astralia for .
Chair (behind): Strike (table chair) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Counter (behind): Strike (bar) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Above the counter: Astralia – Strike (hot dog machine) & Strike (drinks dispenser) (gacha) by Astralia for .
On the wall (behind): Strike (wall menu) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Letters in the wall: Strike (bowling neon) (gacha) by Astralia for .
Strike (skybox) (gacha, rare) by Astralia for .