August 26 2018 HOMESICK .


August 26 2018 HOMESICK .

Hair: Amaris by ---.
Catty headphones by Enchante.
Dress: Street by Neve Coldlogic for .
Shoes: Slippers bear by Enchante.
Ankle: Summer heat by Astralia.

D E C O R ( t h e m o s t v i s i b l e )

Broken typewriter by Hive Dust.
Homesick suitcase by Hive Dust.
Table: Telluric wood tables by Unkindness for .
On table: Milk jug daisies by Hive Dust and (all) minions are gifts by Zenith.
Bottles box: Bottled emotions by Hive Dust.
Brown vase with arranje: Telluric vase w/ limbs by Unkindness for .
Blue sofa: 12 BlueDots – LilBearChair by Joolee Tee Dezigns for .
Sofa with 4 pillows: Telluric pillow bench by Unkindness for .