August 25 2017

Hair: Gaby hair dark strawberry by A&A.
Bra & Panties: Fat pack lingerie sport by Dafnis Clothes.
Hairbrush (hand) by Blackbird Latte.
Johnson shampoo (hand) by Tienducho.
Towel (leg) by K Store (position edited).

Chairs: The mistress chair by Fapple.
Grey table: Always prepared- Side table by Fapple.
White table: Tidy and tight cage table by Fapple.
Cactus deco: Love hurts by Fapple.
Lamp above white table: Garden chochin light by Dilly Dolls for Kawaii Project.
Heart lamp: Make my heart glow by Fapple.
Little round rug by Fapple.
Moon lamp (glowing effect) ( gacha 7 ) by Ariskea for Pocket Gacha.
Stone lamp: Hymalayan salt lamp ( gacha 8 ) by Ariskea for Pocket Gacha.
Frames (behind): Frame decor ( gacha 2 ) by Ariskea for Pocket Gacha.
Prop hairdryer by Reflect Design.

Cat: My pretty kitty cat static decor mesh by Black Bantam for Blush.
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