August 14 2017

Hair + Headband: Brooke by Oleander.
Top: OSMIA – Night.Party.T-shirt by Osmia for Blush.
Bottom: Night.Party.Panties by Osmia for Blush.
Knee socks by Muka.
Necklace: Stay chill pill by Can’t Even for Blush.
Piercings (chest) by Pekka.
Piercing (belly): Dolce belly piercing by Realevil Industries.
Piercing (mouth): Alegra by The Code 5.
Rings by RedMint | Kibitz.
Her smart phone by What Next (props).
Laptop by TBF (texture edited).

Head catya by Catwa.
Body lara by Maitreya.
Eyes: Cutie eyes by UniCult for Blush.
Freckles by UniCult for Blush.
Lipstick: Ena lip by NOX for Blush.

Pet: Splendid spaniels 19. Floor snoozer (gacha) by Jian.
Dragons: Dragano (gacha) by Candy Crunchers for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.
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