October 25 2017

Hair + Beanie: Delinquent beanie hair rare (gacha) by Mello for Pocket Gacha.
Top: {Eiko} crop sweater black skull by Cubic Cherry for The Seasons Story.
Bottom: Sadystika’s flare jeans by Cynful for C88.
Shoes: Sakiko flats by Breathe.
Hair: Megumi by Wasabi Pills.
Hat: Witch`s.Hat – Black (SisterOfTheMoon gacha) by Osmia for The Epiphany.
Outfit: Ava sweater & skirt (2017 Halloween) by Isla’s Boutique.
Shoes: Scarey bats boots by Tayler Made for Toddlers.

Chairs and Food: Autumn dreams gacha by Peaches ‘N Cream for The Epiphany.
Kitty pumpkins by Dysfunctionality for The Seasons Story.
Pumpkins (right): Bark chair and pumpkins by Noble Creations for The Seasons Story.
Boo sign by DollFace.

Pets: Feline frights gacha by Jian for The Epiphany.
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